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The Open Data Institute offers the most comprehensive open data training in the world. Our interactive and practical courses are delivered by experts with significant experience working with open data. Our experts have also teamed up with the worlds leading eLearning platform to provide free courses to everyone, anywhere, on any platform.

All of our programmes are built using the Open Data Skills Framework. This simple, three-tier framework describes the knowledge and skills required for interacting with open data, from beginner through to expert level.

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Blended learning in action A programme of blended learning helped the Local Government Association (LGA) improve the way that local authorities published and used data. The online learning ensures that the knowledge is easily accessible to everyone. Deploying eLearning on native mobile applications has helped the DataLab project in Tanzania reach even those in the remotest parts of the country. Expert masterclasses provided to syngenta enabled them to confidently publish high quality open data according to the latest standards. A tailored set of masterclasses and remote mentoring helped the Mexican Government's data squads project publish 110 datasets in just 42 days.

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If you think you know what open data is, wait until you take Open Data in Practice. My mind is blown!

Open Data in Practice

This course will change you. But probably not in any way that you can imagine before taking it. You will lose yourself, You will find yourself. You will become a new self.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us all, you made us all feel like we were part of something very special. The ODI is a place where you can have conversations you just can't have elsewhere.

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Attending Open Data in Practice has been an invaluable learning experience from start to finish.

Open Data in Practice

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